Jaan Kaplinski is married with Tiia Toomet, who is also a writer, and former director of Tartu Toy Museum . From his first marriage with Küllike Kaplinski Jaan has a daughter Maarja Kaplinski (born 1964). Jaan also has a son Märt-Matis Lill (born 1975), who studied composition and musicology in Helsinki, has worked as lecturer in Tartu University, radio music editor and free composer. He has two sons - Oliver and Markos and a daughter - Ele.

Jaan and Tiia have three sons: Ott-Siim Toomet (born 1970), Lauris Kaplinski (born 1971) and Lemmit Kaplinski (s. 1980) and a daughter Elo-Mall Toomet (born 1981). Ott-Siim has done his PhD in the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and is now working both there and in Tartu. Ott is married (2003) to Tiina Strauss, now Tiina Toomet who has studied scandinavian languages in Estonia and Denmark, and has translated several books from Danish to Estonian. Ott and Tiina have a daughter Liisa, born 2004, and a son Kaarel born 2007. Lauris has studied biochemistry, he has worked as a Linux- developer. Actually he works in the institute of cellular and molecular biology of Tartu University. Lemmit has studied philology and semiotics, worked as an IT specialist in Tartu Art College, in the Estonian United Military College, and has a small press called "Vőluri tagasitulek" (The Wizard Returns) . He has founded a museum of printing in Tartu. Lemmit's marriage with Marge Nelk has ended with divorce, they have a daughter Nora Kaplinski born 2002.

Maarja is working with psychodrama, and has got an assistant's diploma in this field.

Lauris is married from 1991 to Kersti Orav (now Kersti Kaplinski). They have three children: Minea (1991), Jerzy-Edvard (1995) and Karl Aleksander (2000).

Elo-Mall is the author of two books of poetry in Estonian, one book in English, she has also published a couple of colouring books with her own pictures. She has made several reading trips to Germany, France and the US.

Pere Mutikul

On the stairs of Vana-Mutiku 1997

One the most important places for our family is Mutiku (nowadays officially Vana-Mutiku, i.e. Old-Mutiku), an old farmhouse in the Kõlleste county in Põlvamaa that is in our possession from 1970 on. Jaan has created there a small park, some ponds have been dug where one can also swim. We have a potato plot and a vegetable orchard, some current bushes and apple trees, and some meadowland that is every summer mown by Jaan and Ott. We have also a sauna with a small bedroom, an outhouse, a granary, two small huts ­ a lot of living space for us all and for our guests. One member of the family is also a young cat Voldemort or Volts.

Mutiku is officially a farm with about 15 hectares of land, mostly marshy bushland with birches and alders, but also some nice hillocks with mighty old trees and a strip of pine forest. A couple of hectares of marshland and a hillock there are a nature reserve where everything grows and decays without our interference. The forest gives us enough firewood and building material for the house.

Elo-Mall, Jaan, Lemmit, Tiia

Elo-Mall, Lemmit, Tiia and Maarja in Tartu 2000

Lemmit, Tiia, Elo-Mall

Tiia, Lemmit and Elo-Mall at the time of the singing revolution 1988

Lemmitu lõpupäev

Lemmit finishes his school 1998

Laurise pere

Lauris with his family in summer 2001

Helo Sööt

Helo Sööt in December 2001

On September 25th 2001 we were joined by Helo Sööt, the daughter of Elo-Mall and Jaan Sööt

Jaan, Tiia and their grandchildren in 2009

Jaan and Tiia with grandchildren

A recent photo of me and Tiia with all our grandchildren under the big oak at Mutiku. From left to right: Liisa, Jerzy-Edvard, Tiia with Kaarel, Nora, Minea, Jaan, Helo, Mia, Karl Aleksander.

Jaan, Tiia and their grandchildren in 2009

Family in Mutiku, July 15, 2010

Our family on Mutiku stairs. Forty years ago Tiia, Jaan, Ott and Jaan's late mother Nora moved to Mutiku. Back row: Tiina, Minea, Kersti, Lauris, Jerzy-Edward, Elo-Mall, Tiia, Jaan, Maarja, Lemmit, Virág (Lemmit's girlfriend). In front: Liisa, Kaarel, Ott, Helo, Nora.